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Kinnari is a half – human half – bird in ancient Thai literature, representing beauty and exaltation. The lotus symbolizes purity and highness. The pigeon represents peace, brotherhood and harmony. 

Designed By Mr. Nonthivathn Chandhanaphalin

Background & History

At present, the tourism industry is regarded as a significant sector which boosts the global economic system. It has been accepted that the growth of the tourism industry has been continuingly increasing to become a main product in the international trade system worldwide. In Thailand, the tourism industry has been playing an important role, for decades, as a driving force of economic growth, which has contributed to increased employment, income distribution, and investment in related businesses. In addition, it has created the people’s and country’s prosperity, and led the development of the Thai people’s quality of life. However, the marketing competition in this industry arises at a global level, especially in terms of the quality of environmentally-friendly management. Therefore, it is necessary that the Thai tourism industry, as part of the economic drive, should enhance the quality of tourism products to meet international standards. 

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the agency responsible for national tourism promotion, with concern about the development of tourism products to comply with the international standards and the increase in entrepreneurs’ competitiveness, has arranged the project, Thailand Tourism Awards, every two years, since 1996 until now. In 2010, the 8th Thailand Tourism Awards is expected to be a positive measure to promote quality tourism, equivalent to other international awards. It is a part of the tourism accreditation, which creates credibility, gains recognition from domestic and international visitors, as well as develops sustainable tourism in Thailand. 



  1. To encourage the competitiveness in terms of the quality of management and services in the tourism sector and related businesses, which enhance the marketing benefits and social-community participation to contribute to sustainable tourism.
  2. To present the TAT’s intention to enhance and develop quality marketing of the tourism industry, as well as create values of tourism products and recognition of the quality symbolism of the Thailand Tourism Awards at an international level.
  3. To boost the marketing promotion and expansion of the success in marketing management to the award recipients.
  4. To honour the award winners, and encourage other entrepreneurs to develop their standardised quality operations both directly and indirectly.